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JEHUS FARMS LTD. This product has been packaged in a way that intending investors can buy an Acre or 6plots for just for N800k/acre and they get their documents in addition to land preparation for planting. When they invest in it, Jehus Farm offers to help them manage the farm (Plantain Farm and Sweet Corn Farm) for up to 3years free. Buy off the product at harvest. This is pure investment where the buyer owns the land (1acre) that is appreciating and yet producing between N270k-N1,000,000m annually from the sales of harvested produce. While they keep up with their jobs without the farm distracting them.

   This actually means that you are buying a plot of Farmland at about N135k/plot ($386) and the cost includes land preparation for planting. We can allow investors to actually buy a minimum of 3plots. They will choose to invest in either plantain or sweet corn farm investment cost (after buying the farmland, plantain farm cost N690k/acre or 6plots i.e. ($1,972) spread over 5months and earn about N1m per acre i.e. ($2,857) annually from plantain harvest sold from 2 harvest annually from your farm apart from the first year. If they invest N180k/acre or 6plot price for sweet corn i.e. ($515) they will earn N270k i.e. ($771) per year from 3 harvest a year. i.e. N90k every 4month

    When Jehus Farms buys off the harvest every 4months as they manage the farm. Accumulated earnings to farm owners/investors would be about N270k/acre per annum. Remember that the farmland remains under ownership of the buyer/investor forever.  Which also appreciates while it earns them residual income. With the commencement of the rail line being built by the Chinese Company from Apapa through to Ibadan through Abuja to Kaduna. We figure out that in another 5-8years the farmland will become fully residential because of fully operational transport infrastructure. This is for sure prime investment.

Few Acres Left.

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